Announcement: East Central Steven Johnson Memorial Tournament Results

Thank you all for a successful Steven Johnson Memorial Tournament and the Promotion Exam!
Please join us in congratulating the following medalists and winners of the tournament.

No Bogu Division
1. Harover, Michael (CKKC)
2. Smith, Takuma (Columbus)
3. Prows, Wren (CKKC)
3. MacFarlane, T. (UCKC)

Mudansha, Junior Youth Division
1. Choi, Kiki (Detroit)
2. Ringler, Jude (Columbus)
3. Otsuru, So (Columbus)

Mudansha, Youth Division
1. Hotta, Akimasa (Columbus)
2. Katayama, Takahide (Columbus)
3. Matsunaga, Misaki (Columbus)
3. Seki, Masahiro (Columbus)

Senior Youth Division
1. Burgei, Eugene (Columbus)
2. Ringler, Isaac (Columbus)
3. Horiuchi, Honoka (CKKC)
3. Koike, Eisuke (Columbus)

Mudansha, Adult Division
1. Matsunaga, Minami (Columbus)
2. Choi, Ryan (Detroit)
3. Sakai, Ryo (Columbus)
3. Hirano, Ryoma (Columbus)

Women Division
1. Ahn, Mimi (Koyokai)
2. Morita, Miwa (Cleveland)
3. Matsuyama, Hiroko (MVKC)
3. Akimoto, Junko (MVKC)

Fourth-Dan and Up Division
1. Hill, Travis (Koyokai)
2. Ishii, Wataru (CKKC)
3. Sugawara, Hajime (Central Indiana)
3. Matsunaga, Manabu (Columbus)

Steven Johnson Memorial Cup (1-3 Dan)
1. Mochizuki, Teruya (Columbus)
2. Tsushima, Jyoshu (MVKC)
3. Ahn, Mimi (Koyokai)
3. Katayama, Tomohide (Columbus)

Teams, Youth Division
1. Columbus Youth Team A
2. Columbus Youth Team B
3. Columbus Youth Team C
3. Detroit Youth Team

Teams, Adult Division
1. Koyokai
2. Columbus Team A
3. Central Kentucky Kendo Club (CKKC) Team A
3. Miami Valley Kendo Club Team A (MVKC)

We hope you had an exciting and fun weekend of kendo!
We would like to thank all the competitors, the judges, the organizers, the volunteers, as well as the families that provided support!
Thank you OSU for hosting.
We hope to see you all next year!!!

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