Announcement: Johnson Cup Results

Thank you all for participating in Johnson Cup Tournament! We hope it was fun and exciting, and we look forward to seeing you again next year!

Please join us in congratulating the medalists:

No Bogu Division
1st – Masaki Smith (Columbus JLS)
2nd – Juntaro Miyachi (Columbus JLS)
3rd – Taichi Matsuura (Koyokai) & Tengo Takagi (Columbus JLS)

Mudansha Youth
1st – Tomohide Katayama (Columbus JLS)
2nd – Minami Matsunaga (Columbus JLS)
3rd – Takahide Katayama (Columbus JLS) & Misaki Matsunaga (Columbus JLS)

Mudansha Adult
1st – Kenta Tamura (Columbus JLS)
2nd – Daichi Sakuma (Detroit)
3rd – Robert Patton (OSU) & Cheuk Tse (Cornell)

1st – Hiroko Matsuyama (MVKC)
2nd – Rebekah McCarty (Purdue University)
3rd – Yumi Matsuyama (CWRU) & Miwa Morita (Cleveland Kendo Association)

Johnson Cup
1st – Jyoshu Tsushima (MVKC)
2nd – Tim Minowa (Detroit)
3rd – Teruya Mochizuki (Columbus JLS) & Phillip Yoo (CWRU)

Fourth Dan and Up
1st – Hidetoyo Katayama (Columbus JLS)
2nd – Hajime Sugawara (Central Indiana)
3rd – Ken Fujita (Columbus JLS) & Travis Hill (Koyokai)

Team, Youth
1st – Columbus JLS A
2nd – Columbus JLS B
3rd – Detroit & Columbus JLS C

Team, Adult
1st – Koyokai
2nd – Central Indiana
3rd – MVKC & Columbus JLS A

Special thank you to the senseis, volunteers, shinpan, and family members who made it possible for this tournament.

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